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The Ultimate Guide to 2024 Gay Pride Events

Travel Tips | Jim Werner | May 15, 2024 | Homepage

Break out the rainbow flags, it’s Pride season!

Pride celebrates our freedom and promotes equality in this great country (thank you, Stonewall rioters). However, we cannot ignore that it’s still rough for our community — especially our Trans brothers and sisters.

Over the years, Pride Month (June) celebrations have gone from niche to mainstream, so much so that companies are now regularly accused of rainbow washing just to snag a spot in these major events. But then came Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Just last year, anti-trans activists targeted (pun intended) the store Target for selling a tuck-friendly bathing suit in honor of Pride, sparking boycotts, physical confrontations with store associates, and even threats. The backlash was so intense that several items were eventually pulled from the collection.

And although not directly linked to Pride month, Bud Light’s controversial partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney stirred up tensions, overshadowing festivities. This clash left brands caught in a tug-of-war between anti- and pro-LGBTQ+ forces, each presenting conflicting demands.

This just highlights that there is a lot more to do, and we need to show up and proudly proclaim our rights and our life.

So, start researching your Pride getaway here. Then pack your bags, let your flag fly high and let everyone know: We’re here! We’re queer! And we won’t give up until our whole community has equal rights!

Three men attending one of the 2024 Gay Pride Events

Pride Highlights:

Asbury Park, NJ – June 2

Right in the heart of the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park has been a safe haven for our community long before it was cool (or even safe). The annual Jersey Pride Parade is no exception, attracting thousands of folks who are ready to paint this classic beach town with all the colors of the rainbow. Grab your sunblock and a big slice of boardwalk pizza because the celebrations are hotter than a summer day on the shore.

Key West, FL – June 5–9

Key West Pride is part-vacation, part-celebration, and going part-retro with this year’s theme: Disco. It’s a groovy nod to the ’70s disco era, making it the perfect time to channel your inner dancing queen (or king). The iconic rainbow crosswalks will be pulsating with vibrant energy, as partygoers boogie down to music that defined a generation. Expect to see dazzling outfits, choreographed dance-offs, and perhaps even a surprise performance or two. So dust off your sequins and get ready to dance the night away under the shimmering lights for an unforgettable Pride celebration in Key West!

Providence, RI (Rhode Island Pride) – June 15

The country’s smallest state proves that size isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s the smaller cities that have the bigger Prides. This year’s PrideFest is gonna be a blast, with over 50,000 folks joining during the day and a whopping 70,000 for the Illuminated Night Parade. It’s also New England’s biggest LGBTQIA+ marketplace & business expo, featuring more than 200 vendors, exhibitors, and non-profits.

Nashville, TN – June 22–23

Hold onto your cowboy hats because Nashville Pride is gonna be a rootin’ tootin’ good time! This celebration is set to be as grand as a honky-tonk hoedown. You can expect a jamboree of events, from electrifying live performances that’ll have you kickin’ up your boots, to colorful parades marching down the main drag faster than a tumbleweed in a windstorm. Whether you’re a city slicker or a country star at heart, Nashville Pride will have you yeehaw-ing with joy right in the heart of Music City!

New York City, NY – June 30

I recognize that New York City is an obvious choice, but you really should experience Pride in a very gay city — one that gets even gayer at the end of June. This year promises it will not disappoint with thousands of people descending on Gotham.

Two gentleman attending one of the 2024 Gay Pride Events

2024 Gay Pride Events All Over:

Quick tip: Some of the dates listed below are for the actual Pride parades, but LGBTQ+ events fill the calendar in the days and weeks before. These are listed regionally by beginning date and not ranked in order of importance.


5/31–6/2 Provincetown Pride – Provincetown, MA

6/1 Middletown PrideFEST – Middletown, CT

6/1 Springfield Pride – Springfield, MA

6/2 Queens Pride – Jackson Heights, NY

6/8 Boston Pride For The People – Boston, MA

6/9 Long Island Pride – Huntington, NY

6/15 Pride Portland – Portland, ME

Mid Atlantic

5/31–6/9 Capital Pride Celebration – Washington, DC

6/1 Annapolis Pride – Annapolis, MD

6/1 Gettysburg Pride – Gettysburg, PA

6/2 Philly Pride 365 – Philadelphia, PA


5/31–6/2 Pittsburgh Pride – Pittsburgh, PA

6/1 Ferndale Pride – Ferndale, MI

6/1 Pride in the CLE – Cleveland, OH

6/6–6/8 PrideFest Milwaukee – Milwaukee, WI

6/7–6/9 Kansas City Pride – Kansas City, MO

6/8 Indy Pride – Indianapolis, IN

6/13–6/16 Central Wisconsin Pride – Aniwa, WI

6/14–6/15 Stonewall Columbus Pride – Columbus, OH

6/22 Cincinnati Pride – Cincinnati, OH

6/22 Lansing Pride – Lansing, MI

6/29–6/30 Pride In The Park – Chicago, IL

6/29–6/30 Twin Cities Pride – Minneapolis, MN


6/1 Alexandria Pride – Alexandria, VA

6/1 Franklin Pride – Franklin, TN

6/1–6/9 Central Alabama Pride – Birmingham, AL

6/1 St. Pete Pride – St. Petersburg, FL

6/1 PrideFest Kissimmee – Kissimmee, FL

6/1–6/2 Dallas Pride – Dallas, TX

6/1–6/3 OKC Pride – Oklahoma City, OK

6/6–6/9 New Orleans Black Pride – New Orleans, LA

6/7–6/9 New Orleans Pride – New Orleans, LA

6/8 Pride Arlington – Arlington, TX

6/13–6/20 Tristate Black Pride – Memphis, TN

6/15 Kentuckyana Pride Festival & Parade – Louisville, KY

6/15 Stonewall Pride Parade & Street Festival – Wilton Manors, FL

6/22 Out Raleigh Pride – Raleigh, VA

6/22 Pride Winston-Salem – Winston-Salem, NC

6/29 Pride Houston 365 – Houston, TX

6/29 Pride San Antonio – San Antonio, TX

6/ 29 Lexington Pride – Lexington, KY


6/1 Mountain Pride In The Park – Avon, CO

6/1–6/2 Utah Pride – Salt Lake City, UT

6/2–6/9 PrideFest 2024 – Albuquerque, NM

6/8 Spokane Pride – Spokane, WA

6/8–6/9 Pikes Peak Pride Festival & Parade – Pikes Peak, CO

6/8–6/9 Sacramento Pride – Sacramento, CA

6/15 Pride In The Pines – Flagstaff, AZ

6/22–6/23 Denver Pride – Denver, CO

6/29 LA Black Pride – Los Angeles, CA

6/29–6/30 San Francisco Pride – San Francisco, CA

6/30 Seattle Pride – Seattle, WA


6/1 – Kaua’i Pride – Kaua’i, HI

Rainbow Flag in one of the 2024 Gay Pride Events

Post-June 2024 Gay Pride Events:

You can wave your flags all year long thanks to events sprinkled throughout the calendar. Here are some notable Pride events after June:

July 2024

7/12–7/13 Heartland Pride – Omaha, NE

7/13–7/21 San Diego Pride – San Diego, CA

7/14–7/21 Charlotte Black Pride – Charlotte, NC

7/18–7/21 Rehoboth Beach Pride – Rehoboth, DE

7/20–7/21 Portland Pride – Portland, OR

7/20–7/21 Reading Pride Celebration – Reading, PA

7/26–7/27 Fort Wayne Pride – Ft. Wayne, IN

August 2024

8/3 Aurora Pride – Aurora, CO

8/10 Utah Trans Pride – Salt Lake City, UT

8/15–8/18 Black Pride Weekend – St. Louis, MO

8/24 Jersey City Pride – Jersey City, NJ

8/24 Pacific Pride Festival – Santa Barbara, CA

8/24–8/25 Silicon Valley Pride – San Jose, CA

8/30–9/1 Pride Galveston – Galveston, TX

September 2024

9/7–9/8 Oakland Pride – Oakland, CA

9/14 Outer Banks Pride Festival – Outer Banks, NC

9/28 Space Coast Pride Festival & Parade – Melbourne, FL

October 2024

10/12–10/13 Atlanta Pride – Atlanta, GA

10/13 Come Out With Pride – Orlando, FL

10/19 Honolulu Pride – Honolulu, HI

10/31–11/3 Palm Springs Pride – Palm Springs, CA

10/31–11/3 Orlando Leather Pride – Orlando, FL


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And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

Sign up for emails from Fagabond for advice, reviews, and deals to make your vacation as gay as you are.

And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

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