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US Cities That Essentially Celebrate Valentine’s Day Every Day

Travel Tips | Mike Sheridan | February 12, 2024

While you may leave your heart in San Francisco, or declare your love for New York, you’d be surprised how many pockets of America go to sleep each night under the romantic glow of Valentine’s Day. Welcome to the United States, a land not only of the free, but of the sweet, the saccharine, and the cities that essentially celebrate Valentine’s Day every single day.

Let’s pepper our way across the map of romance-named locales and see just what makes these love-infused spots tick. And who knows, maybe your next rendezvous is only a stone’s throw away from one of these lovely locales.

What’s in a Name? A Lot of Love, Apparently

Lovin’ the Locks in Nevada

What’s not to love about a town where you can literally lock down your love? Lovelock, Nevada, turns out is the lock bridge capital of the West. Who needs Paris when you’ve got an entire town that plays Cupid 365 days a year? And technically, it’s not really a bridge, but more like a park behind the courthouse. But you know what I mean, right? Anyway, just grab your favorite lock, clamp it on, and throw away the key – voilà, eternal love without the transatlantic flight.

Georgia On My Mind… And Lovejoy In My Heart

Georgia’s got more to offer than peaches and pecan pies — it’s got a tiny town with a big heart called Lovejoy. About 30 minutes from Atlanta, nestled somewhere between “Bless Your Heart” and “Hotter than a Pepper Sprout,” Lovejoy is the kind of place you visit and suddenly everyone’s your auntie. And get this, according to the US Census, Lovejoy has the highest rate of same-sex households in GA. Isn’t that something?

Cherubic Charm in Pennsylvania’s Intercourse

Despite its somewhat eyebrow-raising name, Intercourse embodies the very essence of quaint American charm. Amish buggies casually meandering down the roads, while farmer’s markets brim with love and warmth. It’s like Valentine’s Day every day in this delightful town, where juicy peaches and hand-stitched quilts are the bustling heartbeats.

Lone Star Lovin’ in Valentine, Texas

Did someone order a double shot of irony with their tumbleweed smoothie? Because Valentine, Texas, might just be the most unromantic spot for a town named after the saint of love — and that’s exactly why I’m smitten with it. And let’s be real, a town with a population barely breaking into triple digits doesn’t exactly scream ‘Gay Mecca’, but hear me out. In the middle of this Texan desert town you’ll find the fashionista paradox that is Prada Marfa. It’s art, not commerce. So, no need for credit cards; you can’t buy a thing, but you know what you can do? Serve your fiercest pose beside it. Just imagine the Instagram likes!

Brotherly Love meets Gritty Glee in Philly

Ah, Philadelphia, the so-called “City of Brotherly Love,” where the love is as plentiful as the cheesesteaks. So, why do they say Philly is all about brotherly love? Well, it’s Greek to us—literally! Derived from the Greek ‘philos,’ meaning loving, and ‘adelphos,’ meaning brother, it’s the historical handshake that keeps on giving.

So, there you have it, America is turning up the dial on romance every day, especially in those places with the sweetest names that make you think love’s eternal. And when you’re standing in the heart of a place that sounds like it’s strumming a love ballad just for you, ask yourself, “Is there any better way to celebrate love than this?” Book a trip already, and don’t forget the chocolates!

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And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

Sign up for emails from Fagabond for advice, reviews, and deals to make your vacation as gay as you are.

And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

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